Pillot Building Houston, TX


... to a piece of Houston's history, the legendary Pillot Building. Centrally located in the heart of downtown, the Pillot Building features refined atmosphere in a great upscale locale. Antique filled, with old world amenities like a cigar and poker room, the decision to book the Pillot Building will impress even the most discriminating guests and make the event planner's reputation shine. VERY private and sophisticated, the Pillot Building is conveniently located in the downtown corridor with east access major freeways and interstates, hotels and restaurants, city and county courthouses and the Metrorail. For those who wish for the best...but who NEED to stay within budget...the Pillot Building is the perfect place for your next function.


Oak Paneling, Marble Floors, Custom Ceilings
Antique Decor
Old School Poker and Cigar Room
Audio Visual Masterpiece
20 Flat Screen Monitors
Great for Presentations (Powerpoint, Web Access, Etc)
Large Commercial Kitchen
Convenient Catering

Perfect For

Political Functions
Social Events
Mediations and Arbitrations

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Phone: 713-225-1682
300 Fannin, Suite 300
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History of the Pillot Building

The Greek Revival Pillot Building, with its cast-iron Corinthian columns, was built by Eugene Pillot in 1858. The building at one time was a bank, which is evident in the fact that the old vault still sits on the ground floor.

It also used to be home to barber shops, bars, lawyers, real estate agents, and even a hotel over the years. The building was owned by Pillot heirs until 1944.

By the early 1980's it was abandoned and in 1988 it collapsed. A year later the structure was re-built using as much of the original building as possible. Rather than trying to match new bricks to the old, the developers used a smooth surface to show what is old and what is new. In 1994, the Pillot Building was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.